How to Overcome Anxiety and Depression

You can improve your life. One out of every three people will suffer from anxiety or depression in their lifetime. These conditions are common and painful. But you can overcome them and reclaim your life. This website is meant to help you or a loved one find a better life. It is based on independent and verified medical research.

This site will help you:

  • Decide if you have anxiety or depression
  • Understand the causes of anxiety and depression
  • Learn treatment and relapse prevention strategies
  • Develop new coping skills to improve your life

You are not alone. Many people have overcome anxiety and depression, and are now enjoying a better life. It can be done. You too can do it.

Coping Skills

Two important coping skills for overcoming anxiety and depression are the ability to relax and manage stress, and the ability to change negative thinking.

Stress management is important, because when you're tense you tend to do what's familiar and wrong instead of what's new and right. When you're tense, you're not open to change.

Cognitive therapy is important because negative thinking is a major cause of anxiety and depression. If you can change your thinking, you will improve your life.

These skills are so important that I have written an entire website devoted to each topic. For more information, follow these links:

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